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 Google Ads - To Remove or Not To Remove - PLEASE PARTICIPATE

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Should I remove the Google Ads?
 100% [ 2 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
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PostSubject: Google Ads - To Remove or Not To Remove - PLEASE PARTICIPATE   Fri May 01, 2009 6:23 pm

As a measure to make some revenue from the site, particularly to pay an upcoming server bill I'm going to be endowed with for a new paid-for domain and host I have implimented a few things.

First thing was the PR Competition which will continue to run regardless of the outcome of this 10 day poll
Second was the implimentation of Google Ads which pay on a pay-per-click and pay-per-search basis.

So far the revenue from the competition has been surprisingly ticking over however the Google Ads have done next to nothing (as a comparison, 5 days of the competition has made x amount, where the same length of Google Ads have made zero).

Bare in mind I'm not here to make any money from this site just use this as a sort of off-work off-topic hobby.

I would like to ask - Would users prefer a 100% ad-free website, or are you happy to have those small ads at the top of the screen on the homepage?

Either way I'm happy.

The pros for keeping/getting rid vs the cons for keeping/getting rid :

1. Keeping them means I can use the revenue to pay for the server bills. As mentioned the revenue as been close to zilch so far - so is an ad-free website better?
2. Getting rid of them is going to mean the site will run a bit faster as you're not needing to load another module on the site.
3. Getting rid of them is going to mean the site will run on the same server as it does currently which has limited bandwidth. My external file host holds all the relevent pictures etc but that still in itself costs money.

What I want users to take into consideration is that this site so far has cost me a fair bit of time and money. Would it be worth getting rid for the sake of keeping it on this server or would it be better keeping them to get onto a better, quicker and more reliable host?


All input is appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Google Ads - To Remove or Not To Remove - PLEASE PARTICIPATE   Sun May 24, 2009 6:55 pm

You know yourself, nobody likes adds, but they do help in the admins bills as you know too. I can be the diffrence from people on the site and not depending where you have them set on the site. I know that a redirecting site can be a pain as you cant really give them a direct link unless you uncheck a box that allows it to be changed once a person is redirected. I know, thats how my site works
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Google Ads - To Remove or Not To Remove - PLEASE PARTICIPATE
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