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 Spraying Interior Plastics ( PDF DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)

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Spraying Interior Plastics ( PDF DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE) Empty
PostSubject: Spraying Interior Plastics ( PDF DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)   Spraying Interior Plastics ( PDF DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE) I_icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 1:13 pm

Article ID : INT/05-09/01
Produced By : Yetep
Date published : 05/05/09


Spraying Interior Plastics

Needed Tools / What I Used :
1x Base primer (in my case, optional)
1x Matt Spray (your choice of colour)
1x Spray Clear Lacquer
1x Masking Tape
1x Newspaper (to protect the base your spraying on)

Step 1 : Sanding

Sand down your chosen interior plastics. This will help the paint and primer hold and stop it cracking.
You'll want to start with a relatively rough wet and dry paper and then a much smoother one to finish off. I don't know exactly what “roughness” as I simply used a slightly rough one then smoother to finish.

Step 2 : Base

This is the part I skipped. The reason is that for my spray I used black exhaust spray. The black exhaust spray gives a fantastic base and acts as a self-primer. I can't recommend it more if you're looking for a black look.

Step 3 : Re-base

This is probably the most important step. DONT spray too quickly or too thickly. If you do, cracking can happen and it's not exactly attractive.

Step 5 : Lacquer

Make sure you do this in an open area. The fumes are one worry whereas if you do it in a confined area that means there could be dust etc. You don't want this stuck to the lacquer as it dries so best do it outside.
As above, do it slowly and in layers. Once you have done so, you'll get a good finish. Leave this to dry for about 10 minutes, take it inside and blow a hot hair dryer at it for about 1 minute. The heat will slowly melt down the lacquer and smooth it off. Once completed, et voila.

Please download the PDF version of the article to view the pictures in full. Thank you.
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Spraying Interior Plastics ( PDF DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)
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