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 Reach lower plugs without back-end removal

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PostSubject: Reach lower plugs without back-end removal   Sun May 10, 2009 1:10 pm

hi guys, just thought id post this as it may help some people change there lower plugs, plus reach the tik pipe and the ic pipe

1) draw around your number plate or plate surround which i have and measure in roughly 20mm all round, in the centre you will see your bumper mount, mark each side of it and draw 2 pencil lines down and the same for the sides.then drill out the 4 corners of each section you are going to remove.....but make sure before you cut out theres somewhere to fasten your number plate, if you have a surround you will not have a problem!!!

2) here is a picture of the left hand side cut out.

3) then all you do is cut your right hand side out to match the left side, which will look like this.

4) here is a picture of what you can see threw the right hand side, you can see the 3 plug leads, bottom end of your tik pipe connecting into the turbo, so ASH you can remove it without taking the back end off im sure, also the lower ic pipe is in easy reach too aswell as many other things!!!

5) all i did then was copy the cut outs onto my number plate surround and cut these out, notice on the lower left ive cut an extra piece out, this was to get to the lower right plug with ease!!

6) last but not least fasten your number plate/ surround back on , pop your plate back in and away you go!!!!

please note i am not responsable if you cock it up in anyway, so be careful and use this as only a guide only!!!

cheers james
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PostSubject: Re: Reach lower plugs without back-end removal   Sun May 10, 2009 2:06 pm

Cool i can do my TIK pipe and plugs at the same time woop woop

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Reach lower plugs without back-end removal
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