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 The Roadie RoadTrip! God it's been good!

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The Roadie RoadTrip! God it's been good! Empty
PostSubject: The Roadie RoadTrip! God it's been good!   The Roadie RoadTrip! God it's been good! I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 1:01 pm

I report from Carlisle - about 120 miles from home!

Headin home today.. this trip has brought me..

Monday - Leeds. Absolutely MANGLED that night and I can't remember a thing haha.

Tuesday - Moved on to Blackpool. Spent the night sleeping in the hotel!

Wednesday - Stayed in Blackpool and enjoyed the blistering sun at the Pleasure Beach! Was fantastic if you haven't gone - GO!

Thursday - Went camping. Now this is where the story begins. "Set the sat nav to the nearest P.O.I campsite". Did this, gave them a call "yeah we've got availability" and booked it in! Only 8 miles away - GO!
So the sat nav decides to get it COMPLETELY wrong, takes us up a road clearly designed for Tractors and 4x4s and we almost grounded the car SEVERAL times. So glad the undertray is there, else it'd be completely ruined. Luckily the road got back out this UNAUTHORISED road that went into the middle of a field in the middle of NOWHERE unscathed. :-) Arrived at the PROPER campsite, which was actually 60 miles away, about 5pm.
Camped out that night - I'm never doing that again. Worst night sleep EVER. If you camp for weeks or days on end - HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO IT? Absolutely rubbish.

Friday - Moved on to head home. Decided with my mate that we'd stop in Carlisle so stopped at the Premier Inn which is where I report from at the moment!

The roadie is running absolutely fantastically. No scares - nothing. It's really impressed me and the little blighter is doing good! Just needs an extreme clean!

Anyways, thats my update on my travels! Enjoy your day guys :-)
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The Roadie RoadTrip! God it's been good!
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