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 Project "OutHouse"

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PostSubject: Project "OutHouse"   Project "OutHouse" I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 7:45 pm

*Que the 007 music*

Today, I took the decision to build an Out-House for my mother. She's been on at me for ages to build her something she can put my little brother's drums in as they drive her up the walle.

So the plan - Build a facility to put this in for her!

Looking at roughly 10-12 foot wide, 6-7 foot high and 8-10 foot deep.

Costing it up it's not going to be as much as one would think but it'll be a bloody huge job!

I'm going to put a center parting in it so she can effectively have two rooms. One for the drums/storage and one for the Hot Tub I'm buying her that she knows nothing about Twisted Evil

I'll keep ya'll updated on how I get on along with a few how-to-do articles as this will be very much a Trial-And-Error attempt!
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Project "OutHouse"
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